The models vary, most based on the assumptions of social distancing.

Over that last few days I have seen both the ongoing march of illnesses and deaths and the number of people out on the road, walking and riding bikes increasing.  Yesterday the garden store was packed with people buying plants – most wearing masks. Take-out in the few restaurants in my town seemed be be booming with customers waiting on their orders several feet apart, some with and some without masks.  I think many are becoming “sick” of the isolation.  I hope that the loosening of restrictions does not make more and more of us really sick.

To Washington State’s credit, at the beginning of this pandemic, we have one of the highest illness and death tolls.  Due to actions by the State and citizens, numbers have still increased, but at a much slower pace – we have bent the curve.

Here are the grim forecasts:

I am going to try and continue focus on the health facts and urge friends, family and my firm to do the same.  Science and facts have to “trump” feelings and emotions.