Half of our population thinks the pandemic is a “hoax,” will not wear masks and will not take the vaccine when available.

Politicians who encouraged organized ignorance are now being vaccinated as they refuse a $2,000 check to needy constituents.

What a damn mess and embarrassment.  We have become one of the President’s “Shit hole countries.”

We should have long ago encouraged everyone to social distance, wear masks and wash hands – our illness and death toll would have been significantly less.  Leaders should have spoken with one voice to encourage science-based behavior instead of politicizing it.  We all should be marching (masked and with clean hands) in the same direction (several feet apart).

People whose jobs were negatively impacted by lockdowns to prevent the spread of the virus should have been given subsidies to lessen the financial impacts.  People should never have been put in the position of choosing safety over putting food on their tables or paying rent.

People who have been able to work remotely and not lose income – especially those who have actually financially benefited from COVID-19 – should have helped pay the cost of stabilizing our economy.  I paraphrase: “To those who much have been given, much is expected.”

This did not have to be our fate.