While many Washington-based restaurants still provide “carry-out and quick-serve food operations” under Governor Jay Inslee’s business-closure order, their ability to generate revenue has been severely impacted. Technomic, a restaurant industry research group, reported that consumer spending on food service is down 45 percent from a typical week in February, with further planned reductions expected to

The New England Journal of Medicine has released its analysis of COVID-19 outbreaks that have materialized in numerous Washington long-term care facilities, beginning with the first facility referenced as “Facility A”. The report begins with numbers:

On February 28, 2020, four cases of Covid-19 were confirmed among residents of King County; 1 person had presumed

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced some significant changes on our daily lives. The primary changes incorporated by individuals seeking to avoid infection involve spending a lot more time at home and keeping person-to-person interaction at a minimum (better known as “social distancing”). We at Marler Clark have been thinking about possible food safety pitfalls related